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  • Energy Efficient, Direct Drive, VSD Compressor with Low Rpm Airend, No Belts, All Steel Tubing

How can you tell if a VSD air compressor is the best option for you?

Discover the advantages of VSD, when a VSD is preferable to a constant speed compressor, and why you might wish to utilize both.

Intelligent drive systems are used by variable speed drive (also known as variable frequency drive or regulated speed) compressors to continually adjust the motor speed to match the air demand. This drive adjusts the unit’s speed (RPM) in response to demand, varying the amount of power consumed to precisely match the output necessary. When the demand slows, the compressed air system will reduce motor speed and thus the power consumption is also reduced.

A variable-speed compressor's advantages

One of the most crucial issues that affects all businesses is energy efficiency. Your energy consumption and bills will be lower when the more efficient your air system is!


Ability to start and stop under full system pressure without the need to unload.


Reduced power expenses – no energy loss when operating at a reduced load.


Less power spikes – don’t activate the air compressor motor when the highest currents are present.


Up to 35% less energy is needed than with a normal fixed speed compressor, making it more energy efficient.


Precise electrical control allows for the slackening, stopping, or acceleration of motor speeds.


System leaks are minimised since the risk of leakage is lower with lower system pressure.

Weight 1210 lbs





208-230V 1Phase



30 HP Variable Speed Drive Rot...