Fixed Speed (Load-No Load) Compressors

Oil is necessary to keep the production process moving along while using lubricated compressors. To maximize profitability and design an installation that works for you, these compressors can be placed with a choice of air equipment and accessories. They are perfect for applications where the demand for compressed air is constant. Unless it is turned off, the engine will always operate at the same speed on the machine. 

What advantages does a fixed speed compressor have?

  • Full automation with the PLC ensures the proper amount of grease is applied at the appropriate time without the need for user intervention.
  • No pauses
  • Quick, simple, and affordable maintenance
  • Longer life expectancy because rotor replacement is rarely necessary

Fixed vs. Variable Speed Drives

We provide injected screw compressors in both fixed and variable speed drive configurations. The advantages of each depend on the particular needs of your company. Fixed speed compressors are extremely efficient when working at full capacity since they run continuously regardless of demand. Variable speed compressors can adjust its output to meet demand by utilizing just the energy necessary to create the right flow of compressed air.

You should always take your operation’s need into account when purchasing a rotary air compressor. A fixed speed compressor might be able to provide you with better results if your application has a constant demand. A variable speed drive can provide incredible energy efficiency that transfer into cost savings.

Weight 660 lbs





208-230V 3Phase



15 HP Fixed Speed Rotary Screw...