What is the two stage compression technology ?

First stage compression unit and the second stage compression unit are integrated in one air end driven directly by the helical gear, the optimal linear speed for each stage.

After the first stage compression, constant pressure compression by intensify spread oil cooling, reduce the second stage compression suction temperature, ensure that the second stage compression unit is close to isothermal compression.

Compression ratio reasonable distribution, optimized bearing design, second stage compression reduces the compression ratio of each stage, reduces internal leakage, improves the volume efficiency, reduces the bearing load, and improves the life of the air end.

What advantages does a two stage compressor have?

  • US Air’s two stage variable speed drive screw is at least 20% more efficient than any other variable speed single stage screw
  • It can be up to 50% more efficient than your fixed speed screw compressor
  • Using four rotors instead of two, this compressor will deliver more air using less electricity. The savings can be upwards of $50,000.00 annually
  •  Call US Air to calculate how much electricity your company can save.

Weight 4330 lbs





460-480V 3Phase



75 HP TWO STAGE Rotary Screw A...