The Compact ALL-in-ONE Solution

US Air integrated compressed air package includes a rotary screw compressor, refrigerated dryer, filters and a storage tank with minimal space requirement.

The range of turn key rotary screw compressors from combines exceptional efficiency and cost-effective performance with super-quiet compressed air production, treatment and storage. The Air centers double-walled roto-molded polyethylene enclosure conceals a complete compressed air supply system.

The perfect choice for workshops and smaller production facilities with limited space and need a ton of air. Kaeser™ originated from it, we made it better. These advanced compressor systems provide outstanding ease of maintenance and durability to ensure years of dependable service.

What advantages does an US Air Center compressor have?

  • US AIR CENTERS  feature a rotary screw compressor air-end equipped with high- efficiency rotors to ensure more air for less energy
  • With available drive power from 5 to 15 hp, you will always find the right model to meet your specific com-pressed air needs
  • With a maximum sound level of 69 dB(A), US Air integrated packages are exceptionally quiet. Equipped with an integrated refrigeration dryer, they deliver dry, clean compressed air at all times
  • US Air’s “all-in-one” systems feature an advanced 6080 compressor controller to ensure reliable and efficient operation with maximum availability

  • Thanks to the integrated refrigeration dryer, US AIR systems deliver high quality compressed air that protects your tools and equipment from corrosion damage

  • Minimal work effort when it comes to piping and installation. Simply connect the compact compressed air package to the power supply and compressed air distribution network and you are all set
Weight 640 lbs





208-230V 3Phase



7 HP US AIR CENTER Rotary Scre...